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A few days after the Olympics had already begun, we were offered an opportunity to create a little commercial for a company that was involved with bringing the summer games experience to viewers everywhere. They wanted to know if we could deliver a potentially viral “spot” by Sunday night, three days later. All they had was the tagline, “leave it to the Olympians”, which meant that we more or less had complete creative control, the ideal gig, a free for all, on their bill. So we got down to business and the “spot” was conceived and completed all in three days, on time, and under budget. But little did we know, the IOC decided to run tests and deemed that we must have been on some sort of performance enhancers. Yep, banned for doping… Our three-day masterpiece stopped by the committee for being too dope. 

Starring: Christine Afra, James Garrett, Rony Mejia, Quincy & Jordan Mangi, Isiaih Davis, Bussa Bus & Shahzad Bhatti
Written, shot, edited & directed by Maximón Monihan
Narration by Don Newkirk
Music by Phofo 





This short film featuring the PRO-Keds spring line was written, shot, edited, scored and released in less than a week. We were in India when we got this job – Monihan wrote the script about mismatched shoes and mistaken identities while en route from Bombay to New York. Dante rounded up the cast and Florian & Annahita scouted the locations, all of which happened in the course of 3 days. We shot and edited the following 2 days and Phofo scored the music to the rough cut the day after that, impressing the hell out of everyone. All in all, not bad for a rush job. 

Written & Directed by Maximón Monihan
Produced by Dante Ross
Original Music by Phofo
Shot by Jason Lewis
Lighting by James Garrett
Edited by Maximón Monihan
Still Photo by Florian Böhm
Styling by Annahita Kamali




Everyone is always complaining about how there is nothing fresh anymore. About how kids nowadays waste away their days playing video games like a bunch of couch barnacles. But then, out of somewhere completely unexpected (South Richmond Hill, Queens, in this case), youths like Nick, Anil and Jessica show upon the scene with their 2 ton, 5000 booming Watt, make your eardrums explode, Sound-Clash Bikes, bridging the gap between their Trinidadian/Caribbean musical roots and their 'always-on-the-go' NYC lifestyles. And they're doing it entirely of their own volition, with style and originality (dipped in new Fall PRO-Keds, of course). So forget what you heard, feel the bass mess up your guts and accept the fact that, yes, the kids are still alright!


Starring: Future Shock (Nick Ragbir, Anil Bhimraj, Jassica Ragbir, Ashti Ragbir and Crew)
Written & Directed by Monihan Monihan
Produced by Dante Ross
Director of Photography Jeff Larvia
Slow Motion Photography by Sara Kinney
Lighting Assistance by James Garrett
Still Photography by Jason Lewis
Edited by Mike Sobo
Casting & Styling by Matt Raz & Dante Ross
Music: Greenmoney "Bashment 'Ouse" from their "Gold Ru$h EP"
Fool's Gold Records 2010  


Hofbräuhaus MüNCHEN


A little homage to those Bavarian Heidi films they used to show on late night German TV. Boerleider had his lederhosen outfit, so we got ourselves an old man, a blond, some beer and some sausages. Did it in the woods in less than 3 hours. Perfect Bier Commercial.

The Making Of



Our friends at WeSC asked if we'd be interested in making a film documenting the crafting of their shoes, which are made more or less by hand, in Italy. So we  traveled to the factories way down in the heel of the boot, to the towns surrounding Lecce in the Apulia region. Pulling back the curtain, the film exposes every step of WeSC's shoemaking process, revealing the intrinsic hard-work and craftsmanship that goes into the making of their products. 

Directed, produced & edited by Maximón Monihan
Executive Produced by Matthias Hallencreutz
Shot by Alan McFetridge
Color correction by Michael Sobo