(In random order)

THE Juror

Maximón Monihan

Monihan served on the jury at the 2014 Local Sightings Film Festival at the Northwest Film Forum in Seattle. The organizers asked him to shoot a little film, in order to introduce himself at the festival opening. This is that film. Naturally, he used the opportunity to shamelessly plug his own film, LA VOZ DE LOS SILENCIADOS, while dishing out tips on what he will be looking for in films as a jury member. Special appearance by Mr. Dead. 

Written & Directed: Maximón Monihan

Produced by: Sheena Matheiken
Special Appearance: Mr. Dead
Shot & Edited by: Zach Branch



This short film featuring the PRO-Keds 2010 spring line was written, shot, edited, scored and released in less than a week. We were in India when we got this job – Monihan wrote the script about mismatched shoes and mistaken identities while en route from Bombay to New York, while Dante gathered all the cast and Florian & Anahita scouted the locations – all of which happened in the course of 3-4 days. We shot and edited in the course of 3 days and Phofo scored the music to the rough cut in less than 2 of days, impressing the hell out of everybody. 

Written & Directed by Maximón Monihan
Produced by Dante Ross
Original Music by Phofo
Shot by Jason Lewis
Lighting by James Garrett
Edited by Maximón Monihan
Still Photo by Florian Böhm
Styling by Annahita Kamali

The Making Of



Our friends at WeSC asked if we'd be interested in making a film documenting the crafting of their shoes, which are made more or less by hand, in Italy. So we  traveled to the factories way down in the heel of the boot, to the towns surrounding Lecce in the Apulia region.  Pulling back the curtain, the film exposes every step of WESC's shoemaking process, revealing the intrinsic hard-work and craftsmanship that goes into the making of their products. 

Disclaimer:  Sporco means 'Dirty' in Italian, which means this is the Dirty Version (AKA the version with a flash of social commentary on certain religious cultures' love affair with the virgin/whore dichotomy). If you want a Pulito ('clean') version, you can find it here. Grazie mille. Divertitevi!

Directed, produced & edited by Maximón Monihan
Shot by Alan McFetridge
Color correction by Michael Sobo


365 day picture book

On May 1st 2009, Sheena Matheiken set out on an unusual creative adventure by pledging to wear the same dress for whole year and reinvent it daily. The exercise was a rouse to raise awareness around the perils of disposable fashion while also raising funds for a worthy cause - to support the education of underprivileged children in India. The Uniform Project went viral and acquired millions of followers online, raising over 100k in funds for the cause. This is a visual chronicle of Sheena's year-long journey that we compiled towards the end of the project. Through high times and low, holidays, birthdays, and travels abroad, there's been one constant… or actually two. This is the story of a girl and her little black dress. 

A movie by Matheiken & Monihan.
Music by The The, Coda by J,P,G&R
Sound FX by Phofo




Around 20 years ago Prince Paul had his first child, a son that he named Paul. Around 20 years later, he formed a band with said son, under the monicker Negroes on Ice. Written together by the father-son duo as part of stage play, and performed by Paul Jr aka DJ P For Real, this single paradies the rampant sms culture & lingo of kids today. 

Starring: DJ P For Real & Sasheer Zamata
Also featuring:  
Prince Paul, Talent, Amber Nelson, Cirocco Dunlap & Bussah Bus

Written & Directed by Maximón Monhan
Edited by Sheena Matheiken
Shot by Drake Miller
Lighting by James Garrett




We made this film with the Children of Akaksha, the educational organization we were raising funds for through The Uniform Project. Shot during the U.P world tour, Sheena & Monihan worked with the kids to send a message to U.P supporters world wide. Forget PSAs, this is a PDA. Music by the late great Asha Bhosle and Kishore Kumar. 



In 2008, Joe Cookie filmed Monihan interviewing Daft Punk for Vice. The interview was conducted under very awkward circumstances. Details? Well, for instance, the corporate stooge supporting the project was breathing down Monihan's neck feeding him questions he was certain they didn't want to discuss. To top, the radio guy had us all wearing really awkward earphones, typical of radio interviews, but something that makes conversation stilted and tedious, non-conversational. So, all in all, unless you really love daft punk, you may find this video incredibly dull and annoying. Lastly, seeing as they are a French import, the disguises we decided to wear are in homage to De La Soul (yo, I'm speaking Francais yo). 

Interviewees: Daft Punk
Interviewer: Maximón Monihan 
Shot by Joe Cookie
Produced by Vice & Scion