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Documentary Feature Film

To tell the story of New York would be to write the social history of the world.
~H.G Wells


It’s a New York in-joke, especially amongst those with artistic pursuits, how quickly party conversations plow past social niceties to get to what's really on everyone's mind – “Where do you live and how much is your rent?”. The subtext to this line of questioning is, of course, 'How do you survive in this ever-increasingly expensive city?' It is the topic of concern amongst the creative itinerants of New York City. 

The Tale of Two Cities. One for the Haves, the other shrinking quicker than a New York minute. It begs the question: If the economic landscape follows its current trajectory, how will non-commercial artists survive? And what effect will this have on the cultural capital of the world? 

We don't purport to know the answer, but we do know that something is happening in New York City –something that feels symptomatic of a global sea change. A topic talked about constantly, but yet to be documented, analyzed and addressed on any comprehensive level. Over the course of the next few years, we will catalogue the battles that are bound to be fought, as the city we live in and love plays host to an identity defining conflict. What will the future bring? Will the Rotten Apple remain the biggest pond in which all breeds of creativity can thrive? Or will our city become another Singapore – clean and commodified, proud of its affluence and utility, but devoid of the cultural fertility that brought people here in the first place? 

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